Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We strive to inspire and partner with Christian parents and churches to educate each generation for a life in Christ

Our Vision

To make a Christ-centred education that challenges culture, accessible to every Christian family.

Our Core Values

We Target our Students to Christ

Jesus Christ is the foundation of everything we do. He defines salvation, love, wisdom, and service. Therefore, we strive to foster Christ-likeness in each of our students. We want them to be discipled with Christian love and truth so that they are the light of the world.

Our School is for the Community

As a school we want to engage our local community. We seek to ensure that ACCS will continue to be an integral part of the community of Alliston for years to come. We seek to meet the needs of those who need help to be at the school. As our school is supported by a diverse body of believers, we work to develop our relationship with the churches. We also aim to connect with our alumni and community supporters regularly.

Our Education is Transformational

We want our students to be a light in our world. We teach our students to develop a Biblical worldview with positive attitudes to oneself, situations and others. We foster Christ-like respect, courtesy and love. We teach our students to show responsibility and concern for the rights and needs of others.

We Educate Each Student Uniquely

We employ a variety of learning opportunities so that each student will learn different life skills, such as research, collaboration, and communication. We aim to develop our students recognizing each child’s unique personality and gifting so that each student will grow up to serve both the church and community.