What Our Community Has to Say

April 28, 2017

Mr. Bronsema, Staff and Students of ACCS:


The Musical Presentation of the Good Shepherd was wonderful and heartwarming!  The whole play with the script and music really brought home to our mind and our heart the whole purpose of God our Heavenly Father and Jesus His Son and our “Shepherd”.  Their love for us, Their “sheep” was made so real and so simple.

We all enjoyed the costumes and the background scenery painting on the walls!  I always enjoy listening to your singing from the Junior Kindergarten to the great solos!  You always amaze me!  The dance -with the dancing sheep- and the dance with the streamers really well done.  The scenes with the sheep that wanted to do it “her way” did portray attitudes in a noncondemning way, yet showed the consequences, and our great Shepherd missing us and looking for us individually.

For this Musical, I was able to bring two guests with me that had not been in your school before.  They also were touched by the heartwarming message of the play.  The ladies commented on the costumes and the wonderful scenery painting on the walls!  They loved the songs, and the Junior Kindergarten class joining in and knowing their songs too!  The ladies mentioned how nicely the solos were sung!  They also enjoyed the different “dance” presentations.  However, what touched my heart the most was how each lady spoke about how caring and respectful you were, to each other as well as to the teachers and guests!  They noticed how you helped each other during the play, and how you were polite to the teachers and parents when you were in the hallway before and after the play.  This is what really impressed them – you!  And the way you treated one another!

Thank you, teachers, for all the time, and care you put into this performance.  It is really appreciated!!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay for the whole luncheon.  However, I do enjoy the musical talents of the grade seven and eight students.  You always amaze me when I watch and listen to your music as I know this is just one of the many talents you have.  You all are involved in doing so many things – projects, sports, maple syrup, gardening, and the list goes on!  Yes, God has placed many talents and abilities within each of you.  And – when guests notice how considerate you are of each other – that is using all those abilities in the best way!

Thank you, everyone, for this wonderful presentation!


Mrs. Marion Schrank

A grateful community member,

And One of His Grateful Sheep!