Lillian Parasol served at Alliston Community Christian School for over 30 years and was one of the pioneers and pillars of this school. She was the quintessential educator. For Lillian, teaching was not simply a profession, it was a vocation. One she embraced with passion and purpose.

Lillian Parasol was a teacher par excellence. A rare lady who could blend discipline, compassion, humour and energy in an infectious way. She had a quiet confidence as she taught her lessons, imparted knowledge and read to children, making stories come to life. Her creativity, songs, games, love of baseball, excitement with life, spirit of adventure and fun, demonstrated to her students, that God had truly given us “all things richly to enjoy.” She was comfortable in her humanity, even as she set her heart on things of eternal value.

Lillian’s faith infused her being. She was not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, which she imparted through her teaching, her actions and her praise of God. Her belief in a God of faithfulness was evident even when she faced times of difficulty. She encouraged others in both words and deeds, sowing into the hearts of students, teachers and parents alike, that God is the fabric of our being.

Her love of music was shared with the school community as she directed choirs and produced musicals. Often, she would enter the school with a song on her lips and soon, all the teachers would join in, filling the halls with praise and setting the tone for the day. The following words, sent by her to encourage a colleague, remain relevant for each of us, every day.

May the Holy spirit lighten your day. May you rest in Him, knowing that He has all of His children in the palm of His hand and that He sees your heart and understands. He loves you with an everlasting love.

Our school is richer because of the life of Lillian Parasol. She was a unique individual who touched and made lasting impressions on two generations of students at ACCS. Let us honour her, by living the truths she taught us, with the devotion and commitment she displayed.