Parents who desire a Biblically-based education.

Enrollment Procedure

  1. Parents receive information about the school.
  2. Parents meet with the Principal to discuss the school’s program and parental expectations. about the school, and to receive an enrollment package.
  3. Parents submit a completed enrollment application package.
  4. Parents meet with Principal to discuss contents of submitted forms.
  5. Principal determines ability of the school to meet student’s educational needs (in consultation with resource and classroom teachers).  Criteria will include:
  6. Parent’s completion of forms
  7. Class size and/or classroom space
  8. Availability of qualified teachers
  9. Appropriateness of school program for child
  10. Special education needs (in consultation with resource and classroom teachers)
  11. Experiences at previous school(s)
  12. Legal status of residency, custody, etc.
  13. There will be no discrimination based on race or ethnicity.
  1. The Principal will recommend acceptance of the student(s), as well as grade placement to the Board for ratification.
  2. Principal communicates the Board’s acceptance/non-acceptance and grade placements of the student(s) to the parents.