The Grade 1/2 class was part of this year’s school musical – We Like Sheep.  We began practicing at the end of January, and did our first performance at Special Friends Day on April 26th.  Our second performance was on        April 27th.  Everyone did a great job and looked very cute in their sheep costumes.

The Grade 1/2 class lead the Easter Chapel this year.                             Students shared 12 Symbols of Easter and sang several songs.

Our students spent some time last week surveying the other students, collecting their data and then displaying their data on various graphs and charts. This  was their culminating activity for their Probability and Data Management Math unit.

Well  done students!-Mrs. RD

In the Fall the Grade 1/2 class went to Chappell Farms in Barrie, to learn all about how pumpkins grow.  Students enjoyed a wagon ride through the pumpkin patch, playing on the hay bales, feeding the animals and picking a pumpkin to take home.

In the Spring the Grade 1/2 students visited the Sugar Bush on the school property.  Students enjoyed collecting sap, and learning how sap is turned into syrup.  Students tasted sap and syrup.  A fun time was had by everyone.